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Diet to boost Immune System

ginger-4 (1)When it comes to maintaining a good strong immune system as well as keeping healthy and fit in general, diet is also an imp0rtant part of keeping healthy. Some foods that are thought to be some of the best foods to keep a healthy immune system are:

1) Yoghurt – There are probiotics which are found in yoghurt which are said to be very good for killing bacteria in the stomach. It is said that a 7 ounce serving of yoghurt is just as effective as taking various pills to keep levels up

2) Oats and Barley – In humans a regular intake of oats and barley is said to boost immunity, speeds wound healing, and may help antibiotics work better.

3) Garlic – Another good food is garlic which contains allicin, which fights infection and bacteria

4) Tea – A recent Harvard study found that people who drank 5 cups a day of black tea for 2 weeks had 10 times more virus-fighting interferon in their blood than others who drank a placebo hot drink.

5) Fish – It is saud that fish which contains selenium, helps white blood cells produce cytokines, which are proteins that help clear flu viruses out of the body as well as being rich in omega 3 oils which are also said to be good for memory and the mind.

6) Ginger – It is said that ginger is also good for helping the immune system as it has both anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties


Why Fitness is Important


Keeping fit and active these days is becoming more important for lots of people as it really does offer so many different health benefits including:



  •  Decreased risk of disease
  • Help to avoid injuries
  • Felling better both in a physical and mental sense

So not only is it great for physical and mental agility but it also allows you to get involved in many more physical activities as well as being much more capable to do lots of things around the house etc. It is also suggested that people that do not take part in any or very little physical exercise are much more prone to a wide range of ailments including things like stress, anxiety, depression as well as things like cancer, diabetes, heart disease etc.

The centre for disease control has said that regular excerise can actually reduce the risk of

  • Heart Diesease
  • Stroke
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Depression
  • Breast and Colon Cancer
  • Osteoporosis

Some major Health Benefits of Massage

shalakya-tantra-therapyWhen we perform our daily work the body goes through a certain amount of wear and tear and of course the body loses certain amount of cells. There is often a lot of pain in certain parts of the body and at that moment you can’t stop thinking of a good massage. At that point of time a massage could work wonders for your body. In that scenario you feel that there is nothing better than a soothing massage that will remove all the pain from your body. There are various other health benefits that a massage can provide to the human body.

Amongst the first thing that comes to mind is releasing the pain. A lot of pain is released through massage. The muscles are relaxed and the strain is gone. This allows you to feel more comfortable and relaxed. A good massage also increases the bold flow of the body. While massage the nerves and the veins are relieved from work. This allows better flow of oxygen through the body and allows a smoother blood flow through the body. Massage also relaxes the mind. When the body pressure is relaxed the mind automatically feels better. Once the load is taken off the nerves the mind cools down and keeps you calm.

Massage influences the sexual parts of the body as well. It creates an intimate sensation in the sensitive areas of the body causing the body to react in a more direct way in terms of intimacy. Massage also makes the body fit. It keeps the body in active and performing condition in order to perform the daily tasks on a better note. This helps the body to be in a better shape. The benefits of massage are numerous. It not only has physical benefits but also includes a whole lot of mental benefits.

This is one of the reasons that in London for instance we are now seeing such a growth in some of the more erotic forms of massage and in particular now you will probably know of lots of people that will regularly go for a tantric massage in London for example, as it really does provide some great benefits in both body and mind!

Some great types of Alternative therapy

acupressureTherapy is one of the most effective ways of curing many diseases. A lot of the different alternative therapies are things that have been practiced for many many years and there are lots of therapies now that are prevailing in today’s world. Some of these therapies are acupressure, acupuncture, aroma therapy and many more that are now used commonly.

Acupressure is such a therapy where pressure of finger is used to cure. Instead of needles, finger pressure is used to give relief to stress, pains and tension. Acupuncture is another therapy where fine needles are used. Many people are afraid of this therapy as they are afraid of needles being inserted to their body. But this treatment is very deceptive as it is not painful as it seem and it works by enhancing the central nervous system of a person.

One of the most modern therapies used is the aroma therapy. It is the treatment where many types of oils are used which are plants distilled. This therapy is used to cure many types of anxieties along with many ailments. Essential oils are used to massage a person which also helps is free movement of muscles.

Ayurvedic medicine is such a therapy which has got no side effect and yet it is very effective. This is also one of those therapies which are prevailing since ancient times. One thing of the therapies which cannot be neglected ever is massage. It is all time effective therapy and relieves a person from pain, anxiety, tension and even stress. Other forms of massage that are now gaining prevalence is now the more erotic and sensual massage therapies which can give both the health benefits, but also help with clients feeling more sexually aroused at the same time. The above mentioned forms of therapy really are suited to the individual for the ailment or issue that they have and so one must decide and choose from all these therapies which one would suit them.

Finding a good massage therapist in London


The main philosophy behind Tantric massage, mentioned in the Kama Sutra, is to achieve a state of sexual well-being, fulfilment and relaxation. There are two types of Tantric massage: male-centric (lingam massage) and female-centric (Yoni massage). Any adult can get these massages and these massages are known to have great impact on stress and triggers relaxation instantly.

Tantra’s main aim is to attain personal growth through pleasure and a healthy and happy mind. One would think it is generally touching and cuddling, and feathers with no orgasm. But that is not the case Tantric massage is not actually penetrative sex but it involves orgasm, which is not the main mission, rather an added advantage.

Massage is very useful and vital for the proper functioning of the body and mind. There are many parts of your body that you need to attend to and a bit of massaging may relax and rejuvenate you in a way that is way beyond imagination. You will feel the stress and aches leaving your body and instilling you with new zeal and enthusiasm. So massaging is an important way to keep yourself fit and sound.

Someone residing in London has lots of options for tantric massage therapy with lots of different tantric massage parlours that have now become very popular. For anyone looking for a tantric massage in London  the various parlours have a wide range of good therapists and they have mastered and perfected the art of massage to give you a heavenly e
Finding a good London tantric massage parlour is probably best done with some basic searches on any of the more popular search engines to get exactly the type of service that you are looking for.xperience. They can give you any kind of massage you need like Thai, oriental or Japanese massage. Just browse online and find out the lists of the best massage therapist in and across London.